Our mission is to bring awareness of the miracle of the sun

We provide solar products and information to encourage renewable energy and self sufficiency.

We have a limited number of EnerPlex Kickr IV portable solar chargers. (Click to open page)

These are portable, lightweight, flexible, solar panel chargers and battery packs.  You use power from the sun to provide an electricity charge for small USB electronics, such as cell phones, lights, camera, radios, GPS, tablets and more. The lightweight battery packs are also charged by the solar panel chargers or directly from  electrical outlets, and are used to charge anytime day or night.

Solar power is our future. Power outages can and do occur all the time, for many reasons.   Portable power is there anytime with EnerPlex solar chargers and battery backups. These chargers are useful, fun, and futuristic, giving peace of mind to always be POWERED UP! 

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