We’re glad you’re here at Solar Survival Solution, a division of Good Grow Group LLC.  We now have a limited amount of  EnerPlex solar panels available.  They are Made in the USA, in Thornton, Colorado.    Our mission is to supply products and information that will make life easier, happier and more secure.  We encourage renewable energy and self sufficiency in as much as you can.  We have a limited number of EnerPlex solar panel chargers and solar-powered battery packs  (click to open page) here,   and there is also information about our earth, solar and alternative energy that may interest you.

Solar power is our future, and we need to be aware power outages can and do occur all the time.  We can use portable power anytime, not just when we are away from home. If you are a mind to you can help us help others by donating a charger and/or battery pack to the homeless shelter in your area; everyone can use a hand up.    These chargers are useful, fun, and futuristic, giving the dignity and peace of mind to always be POWERED UP! 

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