Update on Covid -Omnicron BA2

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Here we are going into year 3 of the pandemic, we had the lock down in March of 2020. The people want to move on but the virus just keeps mutating. https://news.yahoo.com/know-ba-2-newest-covid-001805235.html  

Solar Chargers for Sale

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Solar Survival Solution has portable foldable Solar Panels for charging phones, cameras, lights, digital readers (Kindle, etc), and many more electronics.  Anything that uses a usb charger, can be charged with the solar panel chargers directly from the sun.    … Continued

Solar chargers

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With all the disastrous events happening now, and hurricane season starting, you might be interested in alternative ways to charge your phone, tablets, cameras,etc. Please give our kickr portable solar chargers a look. They are small, lightweight & very durable, … Continued