Solar Chargers

Kickr IV Solar Panel Charger click for more info    Kirckr IV $80.00

The Kickr IV is a foldable, compact 4-panel charger that can go everywhere you go; biking, hiking, boating, camping, beaching, the pool, outdoor sports events, etc.  You can attach them to backpacks, tents, trees, bushes, decks, beach blankets, RV’s and campers, motorcycles, strollers,whatever. Use the Kickr™ IV to charge a device directly using the power of the sun at the same rate as a standard wall outlet.   Both the Kickr™ IV and the Jumpr battery gives the power to charge  cell phones, lights, radios, tablets, GPS, more This is the perfect charger for homeless because it is gives them such functionality, as long as the sun shines they have power, and they can charge a battery power bank for the times the sun doesn’t shine.

The EnerPlex Commandr 20 click for more info  Commandr 20 $250.00

This is a 6 panel larger solar charger that has the ability to work alone or  can be link together.  It provides  an extraordinary 19 watts of power that will  charge the Generatr 100 and other items keeping the power on  Through it’s attached converter, the Commandr 20 can charge laptops, tablets, and more. Keeping gear charged up while on or off the grid. Always have the Power!

Battery Power  Banks

Jumpr Slate battery 10K click for more info  Jumpr Slate $70  

The Jumpr Slate 10K has a 10,000 mAh battery, 2 USB outputs, micro USB input, and binder cutouts, making it easy to slide into a backpack.  The dual 2.4 amp outputs allow users to charge two devices, even tablets, at once, so you can always make sure devices are powered up.  It also comes with a very handy, bright LED flashlight on the side.


Solar Backpacks

Commuter Solar Backpack click here for more info –  Commuter backpack $50.00

Very sturdy, large solar panel charger backpack. Everyone needs somewhere to keep their stuff!  This backpack is the perfect blend of size & power, the built-in  solar panel will charge your favorite smartphones, cameras and more so you can use them right away, and in approximately 5 hours you will have 100% power.  The Solar-on-plastic technology makes the unit extremely light & flexible, adding virtually no weight to the backpack.The integrated solar panel is water-resistant & designed for the harshest conditions..THESE SOLAR PANELS ARE MADE IN THE USA The solar panels are engineered and 100% made in Thornton, CO (Right outside of Denver) Built with the World’s Most Awarded Solar, one of TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions.


Developed  for the military, they are  the World’s Most Awarded Solar, one of TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions.