The Jumpr Quad is $34.97 and includes four rechargeable AA batteries.  Shipping and 7% sales tax in Indiana are charged separately.


Use as a battery pack or remove AA & AAA batteries for other uses

The  Jumpr Quad is a charger that also charges AA and AAA batteries.  You can charge from the sun, the wall or your computer.  This is useful for those devices that run on  batteries, like walkies talkies, radios, flashlights, and small electronic devices that don’t have built-in batteries or USB recharging capabilities. The Jumpr Quad comes with four AA nickel rechargeable batteries. You can use any nickel rechargeable batteries so you can have a lot of charged batteries on store in case of emergencies.  The Jumpr Quad also has a super bright LED flashlight, along with the typical micro-USB input and USB output. You charge the batteries in pairs, you can charge two at a time or four. The charging unit has metal connectors inset for both AA and  AAA batteries, so no additional accessory is required to fit the AAA.  It is a cool little battery charger, keeping hazardous battery waste from the landfills.