This cool little device is the The EnerPlex Jumpr™ Stack 9 and is  powered by slimline lithium polymer batteries*.   They are huge power-wise at 9,400 MAh but weigh next to nothing, making them a great choice for you. They have a standard micro-USB inputs for charging directly from the solar charger, (click here for our EnerPlex Kickr IV) and an output USB port for charging your devices from the wall when the sun isn’t out. It also comes with a handy and super bright LED flashlight! There are built-in connectors,both micro-USB and lightning connector outputs coming off the side of the device. They can be pulled out to charge your device and then pushed back in when you’re finished, reducing the amount of wires you have to keep track of.
These great batteries are only $79.97, plus shipping costs.  Taxes are 7% in Indiana.

Stack to charge all!
Another one of a kind feature with the Stack series is the ability to “stack” the batteries, if you buy more than one, using the magnetic stack and charge functionality that is built into the device. You’ll see several pins along the bottom of the battery where they stack together.  They can absorb all the power from the sun throughout the day, which will allow you to charge larger power hungry devices when the sun is not out. They can also be charged with a standard electric wall charger, and by your computer. Recipient of 2015 Red Dot Product Design Award*