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There are many forms of energy like heat energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy, nuclear energy. Out of all these electrical energy is one of the most suitable forms of energy which can be transformed in any other form of energy. Energy has its uses in day to day life of an individual. In the present age an individual’s and an organization’s growth is in evidently dependent on energy.

The growing energy requirement definitely calls for a shift from conventional energy sources to non-conventional sources. The non-conventional sources mainly include Wind Energy, Solar Energy, and Tidal Energy. These sources are present in abundance as they are a part of nature. Solar Technology is broadly categorised into Solar Thermal & Solar Photovoltaic. Solar Thermal is based on the principal of converting sun’s energy in heat form and utilise it. In case of Solar Photovoltaic, sunlight is converted into electricity using Photovoltaic Effect.

Solar cells operate by converting sunlight directly into electricity by using the electronic properties of a class of material known as semiconductors. The process of conversion of sunlight into electricity is known as solar photovoltaic effect.

Solar cells have been around for more than three decades, doing exotic things like generating electricity for satellite in space, but their use on earth was initiated to protect the climate from pollution. Solar cells can be used for various applications like home lighting, water pumping and rural electrification etc.